Hello there everyone! My name is Milli and welcome to my blog and my first ever blog post! I don’t see myself right now as anyone particularly talented at writing or even at graphic design but the purpose of this blog is for me to grow and become someone who is talented at those things.

This blog post ultimately right now is a snapshot and a record of how my freelance career will begin. Most of the blogs I find focused around freelancing, the owners didn’t blog about it at this point in their journeys so I feel it’s very important for me to write it and have a record at this time.

So the reason why I’m even interested in freelancing occurred a little bit before this time (January 5th) last year. At this point in my life, I was studying for an art and design diploma and had no enjoyment left in the work I was doing for the course and I had lost faith in any career choice that was ‘creative’. I was all set to drop out and shift my focus onto studying academically however, a week before christmas my brother sent me an iPad. A pretty strange link I know, but this what the thing that shifted my mindset.

For my art course we had to write a personal statement as part of our projects. I thought about what I would like to do and wrote a hypothetical personal statement about freelancing and then it clicked. I had this feeling that it was something I actually could do, and would enjoy doing. Then, along comes the iPad and it opened up the whole new world. I stumbled across freelancing blogs and was hooked. From the blogs I discovered podcasts about business, freelancing and design and I knew it was what I wanted to do, like a switch inside me had suddenly flicked.

A lot of my free time I used consuming freelancing content and it completely changed my mindset on how I approached life and school. My enjoyment for my course returned when I incorporated graphic design into my work and I got the highest grades I’d ever gotten before because I put the work in. I also applied to study a graphic design degree at my college and I’m currently studying it now and loving it!

However, despite the fact I spent so much time last year consuming freelancing content I didn’t actually do anything practical to start and this is what I want to fix this year. I had a lot of frustration because I wasn’t sure how to find clients, how to make a name for myself or just where to begin taking practical steps and it left me stagnating and not taking action. I knew it was something I wanted to do and I had the knowledge of how to create successful design and how to be professional but I didn’t know how to make it real.

2016 is the year I’m going to make it real. The past few weeks I’ve been brainstorming and I am going to begin doing two of the most important steps I can to make it real and that is: blogging and putting myself out there. I’ve had some wonderful discussions these past two weeks with designers and the feedback I’ve gotten is that I’m on the right path to making this real.

I am hoping this blog will:

  • Be a wonderful record for me to look back on
  • Help me reach out to other new freelancers
  • Help me improve my writing skills
  • Help me grow as a person and achieve my goals

Thank you so much for reading this and being a part of my journey. I will be keeping track of what I learn and sharing what I find out each step of the way!



9 thoughts on “Making it real

    1. Hello Meg! Thank you so much for the super fast comment gosh, to be honest I didn’t expect anyone outside my friends to find my blog yet so I’m super happy to hear you enjoyed it! I’ll happily follow your journey too and I’m so glad to hear you’re interested in freelancing too! If you’re ever in need of anything on the design spectrum let me know 🙂


  1. Congrats on your new start and good luck! I’m also a beginning freelancer (writing), blogging my journey from the very beginning. I look forward to following your success and hearing your insights!

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    1. Hey there Abigail! Thanks so much for your lovely comment and for following me! I’ll definitely return the favour and follow your journey and success too. It’s great to know there’s other people out there just starting too.

      I wish you the best of luck as well, it’s not gonna be easy but I know we can do it!

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      1. Thanks Milli! I agree, it’s definitely comforting knowing I’m not the only beginner out there, everyone else idea of “beginner” is “I’ve been freelancing for a year and have several regular clients” and I keep thinking “yeah but how did you get to that stage?” haha!

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      2. Oh my gosh that is EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling!! I’m sooo happy to find there are people in the same position even though we’re interested in different freelance areas. I’m sure we’ll get to that “beginner” stage soon!

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      3. What area of graphic design are you looking to work in? As we’re both in the same stage of our careers and we’re not in competition with each other, we could totally work together. For example, if you’re designing websites, I could provide the copy, and if I’m creating marketing strategies you could design the creatives. We could outsource to each other and recommend each other to clients and help each other find business. Seems silly not to team up, especially as with our talents combined we’d make a comprehensive team!

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      4. That would be fantastic! I was actually thinking about asking you a similar thing, I’m so glad to see we’re both on the same page. Right now I’m very interested in branding so things like; Logo design, icon design and whatnot. Web design is also something I’m very interested in looking into further in the future.

        I would happily love to do collaboration to help one another out, would you be interested in talking further over email?

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